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We are still looking for reputable and reliable business partners in Germany, Europe, Asia and America to sell our products.

We offer you an interesting and lucrative addition to your product range and also a great service including support, a service day in your workshop and much more.

How can you become a dealer from us and what are the possibilities?

We need your business registration, homepage, e-mail and telephone number. Send us these documents by fax or email.
We will contact you immediately and have a conversation about a possible cooperation.
types of cooperation

1. Are you a car dealer, tuner or have a workshop and want to offer your customers chip tuning without incurring any costs?

No problem! You can send us the control units (disadvantage is that the customer has to do without his vehicle for 2 1/2 working days and that shipping costs are incurred) or you collect a defined number of vehicles depending on the distance to us, and we carry them the chip tuning work at your site. You then only have to collect your commission.

2. You are a chip tuner or want to become a chip tuner and offer chip tuning professionally

No problem, you will need a range of equipment, should be able to use a soldering iron and have some manual dexterity.

What you need:

♦Professional soldering station with adapter set♦

♦Eprom reader and writer♦

♦OBD programmer♦

♦BDM Tool (desktop programming station)♦

♦Accessories (special solder, special soldering grease, memory components, special tools)♦

We would be happy to put together an offer for the items you need!

In return you will receive modified software from us in top quality and at top conditions. Of course, you will also receive support from us as part of a cooperation, e.g. B. Finding the control units, operating the programming tools, advice and assistance with the implementation of suitable marketing measures.

On request, we can also provide you with a dealer price list that you can integrate into your homepage. This allows you to access Europe's largest selection of vehicles when contacting customers via your website.

Interest? Then get in touch with us.

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